Best Websites To Find Lyrics To Your Favorite Songs

Nothing comes close to the frustration of not knowing the exact lyrics of a song you can’t help but play over and over again. The good news is that you do not have to keep on lip singing as the internet always has your back when a push comes to a shove. So before you get stuck on the right words the next time you are having a good time either alone, with your friends, or at the party, the following websites will work the magic;

  • MetroLyrics

MetroLyrics features over a million songs which basically mean it covers all kinds of genres and is a popular destination for music lovers worldwide. The advantage of this site is it offers more than lyrics as it gives you the chance to listen and watch all your favorite videos. You will also love their top songs category that comes in handy if you can’t recall the title of that currently trending song you heard over the radio or in the club.


The title of the website says it all, and you can never go wrong by choosing when it comes to finding lyrics online. Its homepage features the latest releases, an A to Z listing is availed for browsing artists, and a powerful search bar for instantly finding your favorite song.

  • AZLyrics

This website is marked by simplicity and has an equally extensive database which gives you the confidence of finding the words to that tune you love. You do not have to know the song title to search for its lyrics as you can use the artist name, popular phrases, and album name.

  • LyricWikia

Just as its title suggests this is a free Wiki website, and since it gives members the freedom to sign up and contribute, you can expect diversity. It is continuously updated by the minute and features the top 100 songs on iTunes each day.

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